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How it all began.....


 I first got the urge to compete in drag racing in 1998 (I think), after spectating for a good few years, and I bought a Kawasaki Z1000 based bike. I went to the Ally Pally for the bike show, and saw it there on Tony Huck's stand, and did a deal with him swapping the V-Max I had at the time. The Z1000 was bored out to 1420cc, had a pro-stock twin plug head, rigid rear end, raked front, air-shifter and lots of other nice bits (see pics below). I then had a small nitrous kit and a couple of other mods added and went racing, initially at RWYBs, and then in 1999 did one round in the ACU UK Super Street Bike championship, ending up 24th out of 25 racers. I also got my crew chief Darren "Diesel" Gauntlett, when I was chatting to him, after we had both had a "few" beers in the local pub one evening and he mentioned how much he loved motorsport, and when I told him what I was doing, that was it, he was hooked and he's been with me ever since, cheers mate, much appreciated!

 The following year we carried on with the Kwacker doing RWYB and competed in 2 championship rounds and finished 30th out of 36 racers, we realised that the bike was never going to be competitive, even though it looked and sounded brilliant, it was great fun and got us addicted to the sport. Best time on this bike was in the 9.8s.

 Unfortunately no action shots, but here's some picture of the bike just before I sold it this year to finance the racing.... (use your browser back key to return to this page)

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 Into 2001-2003, and I bought a new bike, named Adrenalize, which had been the UK championship winning bike in the early to mid 80's, and was based on a GSXR1100, with an excellent custom built chassis and bodywork, and was normally aspirated, although unfortunately the original engine was long gone. After some initial problems with a dodgy crankshaft needing to be swapped before I bought it, we got it to the strip, only to blow the engine up on the 3rd run. I knew the engine probably wouldn't last too long, but I had hoped for a bit more time to get used to it! That meant I was out for the rest of that season and most of the next getting the money together and a new engine built and doing test runs in the later part of 2002. Into 2003 and I had the bike rebuilt and a progressive nitrous system fitted, and again got some test runs in towards the end of the season. 2004 proved to be another nightmare of a season with all sorts of problems, apart from the bike needing various problems, I also wrecked 2 gearboxes on cars trying to tow the new trailer I had bought to the track! We managed only one competition round and ended in 19th place out of 23 racers. Finally, in 2005 we got in a reasonable year on Adrenalize, and got down to the low 9sec bracket, and finished 12th out of 21 racers, having competed in the first 4 rounds pretty successfully and qualifying for eliminations in all of these rounds. However in the 5th round, another engine blowup put us out for the rest of the season......

 I still have this bike, and it is now rebuilt, and ready to go again, who knows I may finally get it into the 8s one day, which it is more than capable of!

 Here's some pics, as you can see a lot of the time the launches were a bit fierce, and the front wheel was in the air more often than not, but at least it got me some coverage on the websites, even if for the wrong reasons!

adrenalize1.jpg (44237 bytes)        adrenalize3.jpg (44752 bytes)    adrenalize4.jpg (40170 bytes)    adrenalize5.jpg (39182 bytes)    adrenalize6.jpg (27920 bytes)    adrenalize7.jpg (82177 bytes)    adrenalize8.jpg (54101 bytes)    

 Then into the best season so far - 2006, but it starts a bit before that as, at the end of 2005, I just happened to be looking through the eurodragster advertisements and noticed a rather tasty Hayabusa turbo for sale belonging to Brad O'Connor.....say no more, after a chat with Linda, who said go for it, you only live once (and of course I needed persuading), one second mortgage later and the deal was done! See the links on the left for details of this years racing, ending up with us winning the Ultimate Power Championships, and finishing 3rd in the UK championships, consistently running in the 7 second bracket, and only 2 thousandths of a second outside the UK record......not bad for the first season on a new bike, and the first time ever using a turbo - it's all to play for next year!